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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Proudly One More Reason To Be Pakistani :)

When i was uploading this picture i really feeling Proud to be PAKISTANI 
And I Request You To Share is As Much As Possible 
Thanks :) 

Quirky Google: Crossing the Pacific Ocean to swim ~ Funny Google Maps Directions

Google every now and then combines some of his regard to the research, but also with directions not joking.
Try it to go on google maps and get driving directions from new york to taiwan.
In step 142 there is a statement that tells you to cross the ocean to swim Pacifino. As an alternative to paragraph 106 Google recommends to cross the Pacific Ocean with the watercraft in paragraph 31 and you have to cross the Pacific Ocean by canoe.

For those wishing to rely on Google to arrange his trips I can only say good swim, good fun and good paddling with the jet ski!